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2009年のInnovation Event Calendar






Innovation Events Calendar



21 June 2009
Innovation and EU Research Workshop
Location: Vienna, Austria
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21-24 June 2009
The XX ISPIM Conference
The Future of Innovation
Location: Vienna, Austria

21-24 June 2009
The R&D Management Conference 2009
The reality of R&D and its impact on innovation
Location: Vienna, Austria
Note: This event is being held in collaboration with The XX ISPIM Conference and delegates will be able to attend both events at no additional charge.


2-6 August 2009
PICMET '09 Conference
Technology Management in the Age of Fundamental Change
Location: Portland, Oregon, USA

11-12 August 2009
The First International Conference on Service Science and Innovation (ICSSI 2009)
Competing through Service in Global Market
Location: Taipei, Taiwan


4-8 September 2009
10th International CINet Conference
Enhancing the Innovation Environment
Location: Brisbane, Australia

10-11 September 2009
ECEI 2009: 4th European Conference on Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Location: Antwerp, Belgium

23-25 September 2009
IASP Latin American Conference 2009
Location: Monterrey, Mexico


4-8 October 2009
MCPC2009: 5th World Conference on Mass Customization & Personalization
Business, Innovation & Research Conference
Location: Helsinki & Espoo, Finland

8-9 October 2009
IASP European Division Workshop, Magdeburg-Barleben 2009
Sustainability of Science and Technology Parks – what it is and how to achieve it!
Location: Barleben, Germany

15-19 October 2009
ESME 2009 - Euroscience Mediterranean Event 2009
Present Challenges, Future Opportunities
Location: Athens, Greece

21-22 October 2009
Optimizing Innovation 2009
Location: New York City, USA
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22-23 October 2009
IASP European Division Workshop, Link〓ping 2009
Science Parks as tools for inward investment and soft landing
Location: Link〓ping, Sweden

26-28 October 2009
11th European Conference on Creativity and Innovation
Location: Brussels, Belgium


23-24 November 2009
IASP European Division Workshop, Sophia Antipolis 2009
Science and Technology Parks – How to be the ideal location for attracting investment from companies and research centers”
Location: Sophia Antipolis, France

25-27 November 2009
ASPA-IASP Joint Conference, IASP Asian Divisions Conference 2009
New Challenge, New World – How Science Parks Help in Times of Crisis
Location: Hsinchu, Taiwan


6-9 December 2009
The 2nd ISPIM Innovation Symposium
Stimulating Recovery - The Role of Innovation Management
Location: New York City, USA



5-8 January 2010
HICSS-43: The 43rd Annual Hawaii International Conference on Systems Sciences
Location: Kauai, HI, USA