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"One for All, All for One" means "Tomodachi"


We, Japanese student at UCSD, are starting series of charity events. Japan is in critical condition that we had never experienced before. We appreciate all the supports we obtained from all over the world. Especially, San Diego-based Ronald Reagan's rescue activity in Japan is the flagship of "Tomodachi" operation offered by the US. As a Japanese currently living in San Diego, I am proud of seeing the impressive supports executed by Ronald Reagan.

Imagine how strong Japanese people are, even in this critical condition, by Pray for Japan.

I look forward seeing you in our series of charity events. Let us gather to support and accelerate "Tomodachi" operation!


Hi all,

Thank you for your care and heart-warming message. In regards to the recent earthquake in Japan, as you may already know, devastating effects along its northeastern coast. A 9.0 magnitude earthquake marked the beginning, with fire breaking out in various districts. To make matters worse a 10 meter tsunami followed, which took along with it everything in its path.

Tens of thousands of people passed away from quakes, fires and tsunamis. Besides, many people are suffering from shortage of food and stuff and damage of the infrastructure.We are going to offer the following events and open the special cite.

1: IRPS/Rady Charity event

Everyone who has family, relatives or friends in Japan, are getting together to raise funds for Sendai Earthquake disaster relief. We will be selling onigiri (rice balls) and other Japanese food to support your finals week, and in return we hope you can support us with your donation. About the direction to IRPS, please see map.
We will be providing onigiri (rice balls) and other Japanese food to support your finals week, and in return we hope you can support us with your donation.

The event will be on

Tuesday March 15 12:30-13:30 @IRPS Lobby

Thursday March 17 13:00-16:00 @IRPS Lobby.

2: UCSD Help Japan Project (Please see the attached FB link)

If you cannot make the above events, please help our country by donating:
Your donations through these following official organizations are donated into the afflicted area such as Miyagi Prefecture.
If you cannot see FB pages, please click on tne below pages.
UCSD Japanese Student Association: < >
Red Cross: < >

3: Matsuri

On Mar 31th, UCSD Japanese Organization is holding a annual event ‘Matsuri’ at UCSD campus. Regarding to the earthquake, there would be charity in this event too. There will be Japanese festival food, games, and performances that will let you experience a traditional Japanese festival right here in San Diego.So before spring is coming, please join us. About the details, plese see the link. < >

We would appreciate your support!