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追悼: Prof. Jeff Timmons

世界のアントレプレナーシップ教育の神様ともいうべき、Prof. Jeff Timmonsが亡くなりました。3年前に私はバブソン大学にて、Jeff Timmonsから、アントレプレナーシップの教え方を直接ご指導をいただきました。"October Sky"を使った授業法を教えていただいたのもJeffからでした。

"New Venture Creation"は、この世界にとってバイブルとも呼べる本です。


April 9, 2008

Dear Members of the SEE Alumni Community,

We are very saddened to announce the unexpected death of our dear
friend, colleague, teacher and mentor, Jeff Timmons, at his home
yesterday in South Carolina at the age of 66. This is a shock to all of
us. Jeff spent the entire day Monday at Babson with a small team of us
discussing the history and future of entrepreneurship. He was brilliant
in the way he shared his insights, knowledge and enthusiasm. His
passion was striking. Jeff’s impact and influence on Babson and the
global entrepreneurial community is unparalleled and his passing is a
huge loss.

Today is Founder’s Day at Babson and we acknowledge his legacy to the
day. We want this day to be a tribute to Jeff.

The chapel will be open with a candle lit in his memory for those
wishing for a place to quietly reflect. We do not yet have information
regarding services but we are in touch with Jeff’s family and will
certainly share that when available. Our thoughts and prayers continue
to be with Jeff’s family, friends, and our entire community.

Patricia G. Greene