Science, Technology, and Entrepreneurship


What is Entrepreneurship?


ゼミの一番最初に"October Sky"という映画を使って、アントレプレナーシップとは何かをみんなで考えることにしています。

遠い空の向こうに (字幕版)

遠い空の向こうに (字幕版)



アントレプレナーシップの定義は人それぞれにとって違うものだと思うんです。世界で最もアントレプレナー教育が進んでいる場所の一つはBabson Collegeですが、そこのシンポジウムにおいて、世界の起業家教育に関わっている大学の教員が自分なりの定義をまとめたポスターがあります。その内容はこんな感じ。

"Celebrating 20 Years of Price Babson Symposia for Entrepreneurship Educators"のポスターより転載。


  • The fuel that feeds our economic growth - Alan G. Weinstein SEE5
  • Transforming caterpillars into butterflies - Jeff Timmons SEE1
  • The font of economic life - Steve Spinelli SEE8
  • Optimism with a goal and a plan - William Bankert SEE18
  • Creative, liberating, and fun; money is fine for keeping score - Michael Ullmann SEE4
  • Sculpting souls - Ramon Molina CH03
  • To have the vision, guts, and persistence to initiate change - Daniel Macros SEE20
  • More variables than known facts - Viljem Psenicny SEE10
  • Changing the world - Hiedi Neck SEE17
  • A proactive mindset - Patti Greene SEE12
  • The vision to see opportunities, the skills to make them realities, and the work ethic to get going - Jose Romaguera SEE13
  • The demonstrated ability to capture worthwhile opportunities in all areas of human endeavor - Paul Stifflemire SEE12
  • The use of innovative thinking to develop new products, services, and processes that lead to the creation of wealth for individuals and society - Donald R. Andrews B03
  • Freedom from boredom - Gerd Schwander B03
  • All about expectations.  You expect success, you plan for the unexpected. - Diane Halstead SEE18
  • Koos - ti (Alaskan Tlingit for "Life at its fullest")  - Jim Thomas SEE18
  • The ability to disregard popular logic and be called an achiever instead of eccentric - Robert M. Peterson SEE15
  • Contagious passion - Charles C. Wu SEE20
  • Long periods of stark terror punctuated by brief moments of triumph and exhilaration - Larry Smith SEE16



  • Being to seek for frontier and to execute for getting there. - Joji Hayashida
  • The energy human beings have to make society better. - Shintaro Kusachi
  • An orientation to take your challenge one step forward in any circumstance, with your confident vision, fearlessness for your unknown, and involving people around you. - Dai Matsuda
  • A willpower to make the better future s/he strongly believes in. - Chihiro Takayama
  • An unwavering belief with tireless energy to realize the ideal world. - Chisato Unemura


  • The art and science of making the world a better place. - Kanetaka Maki